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Our dream? A sustainable, green living environment, and plenty of healthy food for everyone, everywhere. We can make it happen with the help of technology, which is why we’re developing a biodegradable substrate.

Your search for a sustainable substrate

We’re developing Nygaia for growers who want to raise the bar.

There’s a growing demand for sustainable horticultural products. Consumers are no longer impressed with a healthy crop and large fresh products, they’re looking at the bigger picture and want products that were also grown responsibly. For growers, producing sustainably with an eye to the future is also important, so we have to go in search of alternatives. We need to find new ways of dealing with energy, transport, water consumption, waste, pesticides and various raw materials... such as substrates.


Nygaia: The future of cultivation lies in high tech

Horticulture is changing rapidly. There’s a demand for sustainable substrates with a smaller ecological footprint which perform better in a controlled growing environment. That’s quite a challenge, because what’s in the best interests of the environment isn’t necessarily in the best interests of the plant. However, Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products are working together on combining the knowledge and expertise of two worlds to develop a substrate solution. One that performs optimally in your cultivation, but is also environmentally friendly.

Ideally suited for

Vertical Farming
Hydroponics (DFT & NFT)
plug in tray
The developers


Leading the market by delivering what’s needed today and developing what’s needed tomorrow. We’re resolutely building on our lead by drawing on over a century of expertise in commercial horticulture, constantly looking for renewable sources, ground-breaking substrate mixtures, and innovative solutions. Due to our worldwide presence, we can soon make Nygaia available to any forward-thinking grower, anywhere in the world.

Maan Biobased Products

We look further where others give up, convinced that the better solution is waiting to be found. We are discoverers. Strengthened by our vast expertise in biobased and biodegradable materials, we foster cross-over innovations from prototype to process, to end product and production. The horticultural sector holds a special place in our hearts. Research & development today, to produce Nygaia tomorrow. We’re ready.