Clean and inert

Being sure there are no micro-organisms or fungi in your substrate. Rather pleasant...


Nygaia is soil-free

...So ideal for hydroponic cultivation, such as vertical farming and even tissue culture. That’s when you, as a grower, want to be in control! Nygaia doesn’t disturb the environment. As an inert substrate, it has no impact on parameters such as the pH and EC levels in your system, since it does not absorb or adsorb nutrients. You are in control.



If your products are grown in Nygaia, they are a lot easier to export. This is because a cultivation medium has to meet strict phytosanitary requirements before it can cross a border. A natural substrate is never completely free of insects, mites, bacteria, fungi, or viruses, unlike Nygaia.

Why? All the ingredients are heated to more than 180 °C. So you can be sure Nygaia is safe for plants, people and the planet. It is also free of heavy metals, fluorine, and microplastics (As evidenced by the OK Compost INDUSTRIAL certificate).

Also good to know.

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Friendly to your system

Since Nygaia has a stable fibre structure, virtually no loose particles end up in your system (NFT, DFT, aeroponics or ebb & flood) or in the air during processing. That makes it perfect for closed hydroponic cultivation systems. In addition, your filters and valves won’t become clogged and water will stay fresh for longer. Add to this the fact that Nygaia doesn’t stain or irritate skin, and you’ll understand how pleasant it is to work with!

The developers


Leading the market by delivering what’s needed today and developing what’s needed tomorrow. We’re resolutely building on our lead by drawing on over a century of expertise in commercial horticulture, constantly looking for renewable sources, ground-breaking substrate mixtures, and innovative solutions. Due to our worldwide presence, we can soon make Nygaia available to any forward-thinking grower, anywhere in the world.

Maan Biobased Products

We look further where others give up, convinced that the better solution is waiting to be found. We are discoverers. Strengthened by our vast expertise in biobased and biodegradable materials, we foster cross-over innovations from prototype to process, to end product and production. The horticultural sector holds a special place in our hearts. Research & development today, to produce Nygaia tomorrow. We’re ready.