Local production

Less transport, more control. Need we say more?


Vertical Farming (use of land)

When we think of cultivation, we tend to think of farming on land, possibly greenhouses. It occupies an enormous amount of fertile land, which in some places, such as cities and deserts, is scarce. So, how about looking upwards instead of sideways, thought Professor Dickson Despommier as he and a group of students developed a skyscraper farm in 1999. They claimed it could provide 50,000 people with healthy food.

Technology made it possible, technology which is being increasingly embraced and developed worldwide. One of the consequences is that substrates are subject to different requirements, such as cleanliness, inertness, good water management, and permeability. Nygaia was specially developed for high-tech horticulture, also known as controlled environment agriculture (CEA), so it’s perfect for vertical farming.


On-site production

Vertical farming serves another purpose, namely the local economy.

Local markets boost local prosperity, so only logical that we often say 'Support your locals'. Above all, a local outlet is also very efficient and sustainable, considering the number of transport movements no longer necessary, the shorter supply-chain, and the time saved (the resulting = a fresher product). We firmly believe in this principle at Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products, and it’s reflected in our Nygaia concept.


The Nygaia Plugline

Did you know that you can arrange your supplies more efficiently? How? By producing your own plugs at your premises. This reduces the number of transport movements by a factor of up to 40, making it much more eco-friendly solution. You can produce a large number of plugs with the basic raw material you need for Nygaia. So, fewer deliveries for the same number of plugs. With less volume, so you save on storage too! Other advantages are guaranteed fresh substrate when you need it, and no more overproduction. Most important, however, is that it puts you completely in control of the design of your cultivation plugs. Length, diameter, density... you name it. You decide!

If you’re interested in producing Nygaia at your location, read all about the Nygaia Plugline here

Not yet ready for this step? You can also order Nygaia in trays. We’re happy to help.

The developers


Leading the market by delivering what’s needed today and developing what’s needed tomorrow. We’re resolutely building on our lead by drawing on over a century of expertise in commercial horticulture, constantly looking for renewable sources, ground-breaking substrate mixtures, and innovative solutions. Due to our worldwide presence, we can soon make Nygaia available to any forward-thinking grower, anywhere in the world.

Maan Biobased Products

We look further where others give up, convinced that the better solution is waiting to be found. We are discoverers. Strengthened by our vast expertise in biobased and biodegradable materials, we foster cross-over innovations from prototype to process, to end product and production. The horticultural sector holds a special place in our hearts. Research & development today, to produce Nygaia tomorrow. We’re ready.