More control and higher efficiency

Nature was our inspiration when designing Nygaia.


Structured chaos

We call Nygaia's fibrous structure 'structured chaos’, (the same chaos that we see in peat). It results in a stable plug in which plants can root extremely well. This allows plants to germinate properly. The taproot anchors itself firmly in the plug. Nygaia gives roots the maximum amount of space to develop. This is reflected in the fine root hairs that can be seen easily at all levels in the plug as growth continues. Another smart idea by Mother Nature!

A substrate should facilitate this as much as possible, otherwise jumpers will develop (plants/roots that do not anchor themselves properly in the plug). An airy, stable substrate provides roots with room to grow, and reduces plant loss; an area in which Nygaia really excels. See for yourself!


Water/air ratio

The capillary capacity of the natural fibre structure is also outstanding. A fully saturated plug consists of about 5% fibre, 55% to 70% water, and the rest is air. This ensures excellent diffusion of oxygen in the root zone. Besides retaining water, the plug also releases water easily when the plant root needs it, ensuring nutrients are exchanged well.

In short: in a controlled growing environment, numerous factors have to be regulated; the nutrients (as described above), as well as temperature, PH and EC values. Nygaia does not affect these environmental factors, so you have full control over your crop. Your plants thrive free of external influence, while you hold the reins firmly in your hands.


Uniform crop

The advantage of a machine-made substrate is that it guarantees highly uniform plugs. Height, diameter, density, fibre direction; everything is precisely controlled, measured and monitored, so that you can rely on consistent quality. The result? Uniform plugs are the key to uniform crops, just what you want! If you want to determine the specifications of your plug down to the smallest fibre, make your own plugs with the Nygaia Plugline.

The developers


Leading the market by delivering what’s needed today and developing what’s needed tomorrow. We’re resolutely building on our lead by drawing on over a century of expertise in commercial horticulture, constantly looking for renewable sources, ground-breaking substrate mixtures, and innovative solutions. Due to our worldwide presence, we can soon make Nygaia available to any forward-thinking grower, anywhere in the world.

Maan Biobased Products

We look further where others give up, convinced that the better solution is waiting to be found. We are discoverers. Strengthened by our vast expertise in biobased and biodegradable materials, we foster cross-over innovations from prototype to process, to end product and production. The horticultural sector holds a special place in our hearts. Research & development today, to produce Nygaia tomorrow. We’re ready.